SIO2 Doll Pre-order 
Hi everyone, this is Ziqian Yang, the doll artist from SIO2, a personal doll work studio.
I am very happy to announce that our new dolls, あおあんどん(Aoandon) 
Our order period is July 25,2017-Augst 25,2017(UTC+8).
All of our dolls are on a limited run.
To place an order, please copy the following order form in Email and send the order email to
Please notice we don’t combine orders. Burmilla will ship seperately. 
Order Form
SIO2 Doll Order
First name:
Last name:
E-mail address:
State / Province:
Phone number :
Zip code:
Doll set: A/B
Paypal Email Address:
Do you need a layaway? Yes/No
Remark or comment:
Tips 如果您需要寄送到中文地址,请用中文填写表单并附上联系电话。
Phone number is not required but please make sure your address is able to recive the doll.
Order Process
1      Fill in the order form
• Copy the order form and fill it in your Email. Send the order email. Make sure your e-mail address is valid and accessible.
2       Order recive
A email of the total charge with our Paypal account will send to your email.
3      Send Payment
• Send payment through Paypal .  (For both of us convience, please use your Paypal emaill address to contact us if it’s possible)
In every Paypal transaction (including deposit/rest of payment) description, please leave a note with
“Your name-Email-Code of doll-Full payment/Deposit/Rest of payment”
e.g. First name Last set B-Deposit
 If you require multiple numbers of dolls, e.g.: 3 xAoandon set A, 2 xAoandon set B
If customer chose the layaway plan, the total charge will change into the amount of deposit (30% of total charge). Customers who choose to use this payment method will need to pay the rest in three months.
To request layaway, choose the YES in the layaway option in the order form.
4      Order confirmation 
AFTER THE PRE-ORDER PERIOD, we will start to match the payment and order forms information. After one weeks, buyers will receive an order confirmation mail. The order process is completed at this point.
SIO2 Doll needs 6 months to prepare the dolls. Please make sure your shipping address is valid and be able to recive the doll. If the doll returned because of the shipping address, it will be customer’s responsibility.
Once we start shipping, buyers will receive an Email with tracking number along with a link to theEMS page, it will be updated on the Paypal transaction as well. 
Feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail to titled “customer service”if you have any question.
Hopefully you will like our new doll as we do, and we will be much delighted if you will leave a like and/or share this post to your friends too!